On April 24, an event called The 18th Joint Israeli- Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony was held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Despite the cold weather, 15,000 people attended this year’s event, including online.

This year there were fewer participants than last year, partly because Israel is in a very confusing political situation and partly because the controversy preceded this event.

However, the event brought together people from Israel and Palestine, both carrying great pain in their hearts and they gave moving speeches.

Their speeches showed that because they personally know pain, they share the pain of others and can find hope beyond the pain.

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During this event, the Flame of Hope was introduced, an enshrinement of 14 sacred fires from around the world, including the flames of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.

This Flame of Hope was introduced to bring hope not only to those who attended the event but also to the world.

A message from Mr. Tushar Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson, was also presented at the event, which was very powerful, reaching beyond borders and strengthening our hearts.

Through this ceremony, I am reminded of this.
I wonder if there are people who want to fight.

The pain in hearts sometimes makes people anxious and hateful.
But through our pain, we can understand, heal, and give hope for the pain of others. This event showed us once again such things, even that our pain can be healed.

It is up to each one of us to decide whether we will hold on to our pain and turn it into anxiety and hatred, or whether we will turn it into healing and hope for ourselves and others.

The Flame of Hope will continue its journey, hoping to light the Flame of Hope in the hearts of as many people as possible.