Worldwide Flame of Hope activities for the bright future of human beings and the planet were not to be derailed by the coronavirus crisis. All over the globe, remarkable initiatives coalesced around Earth Day 2020. The Earth Caravan shared its cooperative virtual event with Earth Day Tokyo on April 18th and 19th.

Earth Day Tokyo

People from all over the world sent their prayers for a bright future to the Flame of Hope. Across generations, nations, and religions we unified to share the spirit of the future: creating a just, joyful, and healthy way of living.

Online meetings on Sunday, April 19th impressively showed that all people can be part of these global activities. It was fun, joyful, and touching to walk both virtually and in reality beyond borders.

An urgent appeal was also made for a Palestinian village that is unable to secure adequate food supplies due to their isolation and lockdown during the coronavirus crisis. With the shutdown of Israel, the Palestinian economy is facing more problems than ever, and the export of their organic products has stopped,  and Al Aqaba village is pleading for help: they need $1,500 a month for bread. 

The Flame of Hope Unites with Yame Peace Flame

On April 17th, the day before Earth Day Tokyo festivities began, The Flame of Hope traveled to the city of Yame where it united with the Yame Peace Flame.

The Peace Flame from Yame city was taken from the burning embers of the Hiroshima atomic bomb in 1945. Tatsuo Yamamoto searched for his uncle in Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb was detonated. He never found his uncle’s body, but brought the embers from the devastation back to Hoshino village and kept the flame burning secretly for 38 years. When news of the flame reached the public, a Peace Tower was built in Hoshino village in Yame city and the flame has been burning there ever since.

Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope wishes to change the world by lighting the spark of hope for peace in children’s hearts. And to transform all negative energy in the world into positive and create empathy, understanding, and compassion for each other. By spreading the Flame and bringing people together beyond all borders, religions, nationalities, languages, ​​and cultures, humanity will not be divided anymore.