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Toronto – Monday, July 6, 18:30 EST
Montreal – Tuesday, July 7, 05:45 and 18:30 EST
Dunham – Thursday, July 9, 18:30 EST


Netherlands (Alkmaar) – Tuesday, July 7, 19.00 CET
Austria (Vienna) – Sunday, July 5, 16.00 CET, Tuesday, July 7, 19:00 CET, Wednesday, July 8, 19.00 CET
Austria (Neudörfl) – Tuesday, July 7, 19:00 CET;
France: Tuesday, July 7, 19.00 CET
Spain: Tuesday, July 7, 19.00 CET


Kyoto: Tuesday, July 7, 18.45 JST

My wish for the World is…

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Lawrence Lefcort

I wish for everyone to be free from fear and to live in full trust of Amida Buddha, the Great Spirit of the Universe!


The peace for all beings heart

Kristina Driedger



wish to all beings to realize your mission of life,because love never ends

Sarah Houle

May peace be woldwide


Wishing for FOH will light up everyone’s heart♡

Cindy Fujimoto

I wish for all people to be equal and free and to care for one another respectfully, with love, good humour, and tolerance.

marta dyczok


Teresa Hart

My wish for the world is love, enlightenment and happiness


Compassion and kindness among all

Annie Bachmann

My wish for the world is that we treat each other with kindness, empathy and respect. That health, cooperation, justice, and fun become the norms in our societies, and we place each other’s spiritual growth as a priority.

Last edited 1 year ago by Annie Bachmann

I wish peace in the hearts and minds of all beings and that all have access to healthy food and water. I wish for the spiritual development of all beings.

Joma Motooka

bright and full of hope.
People share happiness and have resposinbility for each happiness!


My wish is that all beings wish and act for the happiness of others


My wish is that everyone live life without fear! All sufferings should be transformed in joy and happiness! Peace, equality and justice for all over the world! For all creatures – for human beings and for animals as well! ✌🕊


I wish Peace, Freedom, Love in Humankind. Faith in The Great Spirit of the Universe-Amida inside and outside of us. Conciousness of the power of KI.


Open the Doors of Heaven-Pure Land and close the doors for negativities.


Joy, Freedom, Love, Perfect Health, Faith, Spritual Development

Alice Schmitzhofer

My wish is that everybody feels so much cared for by each other that all fear transforms into joy.

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