Stained Glass Windows for the Flame of Hope Peace Pagoda, handmade at Abbey Schlierbach, Austria

Schlierbach Abbey in Austria, founded in 1355, is world-renowned for its ancient techniques in producing stained glass and doing renovation work in temples and churches all over the world.

The Flame of Hope, safely carried in two kairo (pocket warmers), traveled together with us to the abbey. It was wonderful to meet with the team there and feel their spirit and passion as they made new windows and artworks, and renovated glass windows from all over the world. They like the idea of the Flame of Hope Pagoda Peace Park very much and are happy to cooperate and create the windows.

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The Techniques

Techniques 1

Pieces of glass are joined together which are very sustainable and long lasting, flexible and strong. The joins are especially flexible during earthquakes and they protect the windows.

All ancient sacred buildings have used this technique since medieval times.

Techniques 2Fusion technique

This technique involves using ground glass and pieces of white-transparent glass. The pieces of glass and glass powder are blended together — fused together — in a special firing process.

With this technique, it’s possible to create small windows and artwork, too. The colours can be blended into each other very creatively.

This technique was recommended by the team leader in Schlierbach for the glass windows in the Peace Pagoda in Matsumoto.


Techniques 3



Video from our visit to the glass manufacturer: Production and techniques in Schlierbach

For more information about the Schlierbach Abbey, please click here.


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Details About the Project

The future realized by the project

1. A place where you can visit the Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope was born in Japan—the only country victimised by an atomic bomb. It will travel around the world, but it needs a home to come back to. Everybody will be welcome to visit the Flame of Hope at the Peace Pagoda Park.
If you wish, you can also take a part of the Flame with you. For example, you can plan a pilgrimage Shikoku with the Flame of Hope and pray in each place you pass. You can also pray to unite any sacred flame to join the Flame of Hope that burns in the pagoda.

2. The center for peace education

The Peace Pagoda Park will also be used to explain about the aftermath of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, which is united in the Flame of Hope. Hibaku trees will also be planted in the park. The Hibaku tree is the only tree that survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb.
The Peace Pagoda Park will be a center of peace education where individuals can get acquainted with the history of the atomic bomb and the second world war as well as the current world situation and ongoing peace activities.

3. Birth of a new prayer power hub
You can feel the prayer power of the world in the Flame of Hope. Therefore, it will be a “power hub,” the place to feel the prayer power and get healed by just visiting.

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