Flame of Hope Pilgrimage

Follow as the Flame of Hope

travels the world on its mission of peace.

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Kagoshima City Hall

JELC Kagoshima

Urakami Cathedral

Ourasuwa Shrine


Oura Church



Moji Port

World Peace Pagoda

Hofu Kaihokuen

Hofu Catholic Church

Aeon Town Hofu

Hiroshima Memorial Cathedral for World Peace

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

MOMIJI Sheltered Workshop

Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School


Ushita Elementary School

Kurozumikyo Headquarter

Okayama International Hotel

Okayama-shi Jojuji

Akou City Hall

Myouozan Fumonji

Shoshasan Engyoji

Kyoto Wadaji Tao Sangha Dojo

Kyoto Nishi Hongwanji



Rissho Kousei Kai Shiga Kyoukai


Catholic Gifu Church

Nihon Jidou Ikuseien

Nagoya Mosque

Nagoya Central Church

Sakuragaoka High School

United Church of Christ in Japan Matsumoto Church


St. Augustine’s Church


Seikyushu Kyokai

Catholic Fuchu Cemetery

Nipponzan Myohoji Shibuya Dojo

Japan Evangelical Lutheran Ichigaya Church

Pope Francis Catholic Mass - Nagasaki

Pope Francis Catholic Mass - Tokyo Dome

The Flame of Hope was used to light the candles of His Holiness Pope Francis’ Mass at the Tokyo Dome, a global event that took place in front of over 55,000 people.

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Tokyo Wadaji Tokyo Tao Sangha Dojo

St. Peter's Basilica with Pope Francis

Earth Caravan and Hiroshima survivor pray for peace with Pope Francis at the Vatican

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Upcoming Pilgrimage Events


There is “Light Ceremony” to pray for world peace at the Sufism Center in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Read messages of peace from various religions and spiritual paths of the world, pray and light candles with the fire of hope. ???



Receive the Flame of Hope

On September 27th, 2019, the “Nagasaki Flame of Commitment” arrived at Urakami Cathedral,* and was be used to light the “Flame of Hope.” All in attendance prayed for peace while the “Flame of Hope” was used to light candles during a ceremony, and this combined flame began it’s journey.

After leaving Urakami Cathedral, the Flame was taken to Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Islamic mosques, and other places of worship, as well as to schools and festivals—wherever people pray and wish for peace. Along the way, the Flame of Hope was combined with the Flame of Peace from Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and the Peace Flame from Yame city. As the journey unfolded, wishes for peace continued to be added to the “Flame of Hope,” and with all the stored wishes from all the places the Flame visited in Japan, it travelled to Tokyo, where Pope Francis used it during a Mass on November 25th.

Flame of Hope pilgrims from around the world were there to represent all people’s wishes for peace on Earth.

And on and on it travels …

You can apply to receive the Flame of Hope as a place of worship, an organization, or an individual.