Bodhgaya, India


“I am very happy to meet you all. I lived in Japan many years ago, and I have since visited twice. I know how in WW2 many people lost their lives and many people have suffered. And we all have a sad feeling about this and we always pray that such things would never happen in this world. I pray that this light, that Peace and light would shine throughout this world so there would be no more wars, no killing, etc. and everyone would live in peace, harmony and happiness”.


His Holiness Gongma Rinpoche is the Highest Lama of the Sakya Buddhist tradition. His Holiness was born, September 7, 1945. Many auspicious signs occurred on the day of His birth. From a very young age, the Sakya Trizin received many profound teachings and empowerments principally from His father, Vajradhara Ngawang Kunga Rinchen.


In 1951, His Holiness visited Lhasa where at the age of six He was designated the Sakya Trizin (throne holder) of the Sakya Order by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His preliminary enthronement took place the following year at Sakya, the principal seat of the Sakyapa Order. In 1953, at the age of eight, His Holiness undertook His first Hevajra retreat in Sakya At the age of ten, He again visited Lhasa where He received teachings from the Dalai Lama in the Potala Palace. There before a large audience, His Holiness gave an extensive explanation of the mandala offering ritual which caused His wisdom to be proclaimed throughout Tibet.