NNN news (Nagasaki) 20190928


The Flame of Hope was kindled from the Nagasaki Flame of Commitment.

The Flame of Hope will be delivered to the mass to be held by Pope Francis in Tokyo on November 25th.

This event was organized by Earth Caravan, a non-profit organization (NPO) that is dedicated to achieving a peaceful world without war.

After being sent off by the traditional Dragon Dance during the opening ceremony, the Earth Caravan set off by bicycle to its next destination, Kumamoto.

[Nagasaki Caravan Team Leader:Chiyumi Shinkai]
We hope as many people as possible will add their prayers to the Flame of Hope so that all of us can live happily without war.

The Flame of Hope will travel around western Japan, including Hiroshima, and will be delivered to the Pope with prayers of peace.