NHK TV news in Hofu 20191004

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church will visit Japan in late November.

Earth Caravan is a group that carries the Flame of Hope for peace around on bicycles, and they will be at the Pope’s mass in Tokyo. They visited a child welfare facility in Hofu City on October 4th and appealed to them about how important peace is.

It was NPO Earth Caravan that visited Hofu Kaihokuen, a child welfare facility in Hofu.

Pope Francis will visit Japan in late November and a large-scale mass will be held in Tokyo. This group has been adding flames for peace, including the ones that have been kept burning in Nagasaki, Hiroshima and so on, to the Flame of Hope and is heading for Tokyo.

When the group explained that the Flame of Hope was created to change the suffering of the past into peace for the future, and appealed to the children at the facility about the importance of peace, they looked into the Flame with serious expressions.

[A third-grade elementary schoolgirl ]
“I wish for us to live our future peacefully.”

[NPO Earth Caravan representative Ryokyu Endo]
“We are creating and adding to the energy of people’s common wish to make a better world for each other. We’d like to share this message to the world when we deliver the Flame to the Pope.”