Hiroshima news TSS TV 20191006


The event, held in Hiroshima, was a ceremony in which prayers for peace were added to the Flame of Hope that will be used in a mass to be held by Pope Francis in Tokyo in November.

The flame was presented by Earth Caravan, a non-profit organization that is active all over the world and is dedicated to achieving a peaceful world without war.

This group plans to deliver the Flame of Hope, which contains embers from the fires caused by the atomic bomb, to the mass that will be held by Pope Francis in Tokyo on November 25th.

Today, in addition to Earth Caravan, about 300 people, including many Catholics, gathered together and prayed for peace when the Flame was transferred to a big candle in the church.

[Earth Caravan representative, Ryokyu Endo]
“The common wish of all human beings is peace and we have been thinking about how to make this common wish come true.
We hope this flame will change people’s hearts and make a positive impact on the world.”