In the Flame of Hope all our wishes and prayers for peace turn into a reality for all the world to see and make positive changes in the destiny of humanity. 

The Peace Candle in the St. Laurentius Kerk in Alkmaar near Amsterdam was lit with the Flame of the bomb of Hiroshima. Many people added their wishes and prayers all over the week to the flame and were so happy to be able to change past suffering into a bright future. The energy was so strong at all events, when the Flame was a central part of it.

It was a deeply moving experience to see how many people understood the idea behind the Flame of Hope – one Earth – one Prayer – one Flame. To unify beyond all negativity of the past and creating a culture of supporting each other is attracting people from all different backgrounds. This is really wonderful.

The last day of National Peace Week in Holland included a closing theatre play in the Lutheran church in Alkmaar. Also, during a fantastic performance “Encounter with Mose, Beyond Borders,” the Flame of Hope was integrated as symbol of the unification of our hearts, and our common wish: peace.

After the play, participants were invited to write a wish and add them to the Flame. An amazing sight to watch the prayers for peace increase exponentially in the world!