Bodhgaya, December 30.

The Flame of Hope was received by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the teachings and prayers in Bodhgaya, India ongoing from 29th to 31st of December 2022.


His Holiness blessed the Flame of Hope in front of 70.000 people and said during His prayers:

“…So I have been given this flame from Hiroshima where an atomic bomb was dropped during the second word war. I have been there. At that time when the bomb was dropped many people died, and I really felt I reflected on how many hope were killed and felt very sad. And I felt how good it would be if the world could be free of nuclear weapons, and I also prayed for that. Up until now the wars are still going on and weapons, bombs, etc. are still being used.  There has been no use of nuclear weapons so far. So many countries have built nuclear weapons, but there are increasing number of people who are opposing nuclear armamemts. So at this very special sacred place of Bodhgaya we have this Flame of Hope from Hiroshima, and have this occasion to make our prayer for the world. Today, though there is less danger of wars, there’s the threat from epidemics…”


The international delegation of the Flame of Hope from Japan, USA, Israel and Austria is humbly grateful for His Holiness exceptional words and acceptance of this flame of all humankind. 

We are also very grateful to the Tibet House in Tokyo Dharamsala and Bodhgaya. Without their prayers and motivation to work for peace this could not have happened.

Thank you to the Office of His Holiness for accepting and sharing the mission of Flame of Hope.


LINK to the livestream recordings.

Photo credits 

Tenzin Choejor

Dalai Lama and FoH 1