Flame of Hope- Hiking in the Austrian Alps


The magic of walking several days in the mountains – joy and challenge
off road

What did we experience?
The joy of adventure, climbing snowfields and steep mountain slopes.
The joy of friendship, when everybody takes care of each other.
The joy of carrying the spirit and idea of the Flame of Hope.

The excited participants hiked and climbed for 5 days crossing the Dachstein mountain range in the Austrian alps from the lake Gossau to the Gjaid Alm, 40km.
We met with challenges like fear – and overcoming fear with trust.
We faced exhaustion and overcoming it with kind words and humor of the other travelers.
We were moved deeply by the beauty of creation.
We met the challenge of deciding what is the best for the whole group before starting a day’s climb.
We needed to realize what is necessary for survival, because we had to carry everything we needed by ourselves, water and food, sleeping bags, snow spikes and safety clothes for rain and cold temperatures.
We made the experience of how important it is to be balanced and to support each other.

It was wonderful to express the gratitude in chanting with the Flame of Hope in beautiful nature, together with the good spirits of the mountains, flowers, animals, water, sunshine and thunderstorm, reflecting all aspects of existence.

Everyone from 9 years old to 46 years contributed in their individual way and made these days a special experience.

The tour was organized and guided by Christian Schreiter from the Austrian Alpenverein. Thank you for supporting the spirit of the Flame of Hope.
Thanks to the supporters: kilometers walked and hiked will be donated to the Flame of Hope Peace Pagoda Park in the Japanese Alps in Matsumoto.

One earth – one prayer – one flame

Light the
“Flame of Hope”
in all children’s heart!

Make a Donation to Support to Build Pagoda

We want to create a sanctuary where the Flame can continue to burn forever with peace of mind. We want people to be able to visit the Flame of Hope at all times. And we want as many people as possible to experience the warmth and healing power of the Flame of Hope!
Help us create a peace center that keeps the Flame of Hope burning bright!

Thank you to all our donors and support for this project. 🙏🙏🙏

About the Pagoda Project

The future realized by the project

1. A place where you can visit the Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope was born in Japan—the only country victimised by an atomic bomb. It will travel around the world, but it needs a home to come back to. Everybody will be welcome to visit the Flame of Hope at the Peace Pagoda Park.
If you wish, you can also take a part of the Flame with you. For example, you can plan a pilgrimage Shikoku with the Flame of Hope and pray in each place you pass. You can also pray to unite any sacred flame to join the Flame of Hope that burns in the pagoda.

2. The center for peace education

The Peace Pagoda Park will also be used to explain about the aftermath of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, which is united in the Flame of Hope. Hibaku trees will also be planted in the park. The Hibaku tree is the only tree that survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb.
The Peace Pagoda Park will be a center of peace education where individuals can get acquainted with the history of the atomic bomb and the second world war as well as the current world situation and ongoing peace activities.

3. Birth of a new prayer power hub
You can feel the prayer power of the world in the Flame of Hope. Therefore, it will be a “power hub,” the place to feel the prayer power and get healed by just visiting.

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