International Sangha Forum Bodh Gaya 2023 -The Last Day

December 22, 2023

We, all participants, are more relaxed than on the first day, and by the third day we know each other and greet each other with smiles.

Thanks to Ryokyu san’s speech at yesterday’s session, many people approached us with compliments, and some of them told us that they would like to learn what Ryokyu san taught.
They came from India, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Many people are also interested in the Flame of Hope.
The organizer of this forum was Tibet House in Southeast Asia, and they were very open-minded and welcoming to us.

We think it took a lot of energy to organize a forum of this size, which is unimaginable.
We believe that this forum was made possible by the desire of many people, Buddhists and Buddhist practitioners, including volunteers, to create a bright future, a better world, and a world of peace and happiness.

We are sure that one day there will be a gathering of people connected by the Flame of Hope, beyond religions, national boundaries and principles, to realize happiness and peace in the world.
We keep going to create a bright future.
Let’s do it together.