International Sangha Forum Bodh Gaya Day 2 part 3

The time has finally come.
Ryokyu Endo, the representative of the Flame of Hope, gave a speech to Buddhist monks from all over the world.

This year’s forum was divided into several sections according to themes, with four or five monks presenting their activities and experiences.

Each section had its own chairman, and Ryokyu was also the chairman of the sixth section.

We would have liked to light the Flame of Hope in a lantern at the venue, but we decided to show the Flame of Hope burning in Japan online.
We managed to prepare the video by communicating between Japan and India until the very last minute of the speeches.

The theme of this sixth section in which Ryokyu participated was ‘Buddhism and Modernity: the Intersection of Buddhism and Technology’.
The titles of the papers were as follows

Buddhism as a Science (India)
Dharma talks through online distribution (Indonesia)
Approaches to Buddhist Education through Games (Thailand)
Using the media with cartoons and animation (Korea).

Compared to the other sections of this year’s conference, many of the speakers in Section 6 were young.
Their presentations were very interesting.

Ryokyu was the last speaker in Section 6.
The title of his talk was ‘A Unique Way to Share the Dharma in the 21st Century’.

The speech was very dynamic and he included Ki practice in the speech.
You can experience this Ki practice in the Flame of Hope workshops.

The audience was very interested.
The room was filled with laughter during the Ki practice.

Ryokyu’s talk, combined with the practice, seemed to go beyond words and into the hearts of the audience.

After the talk there were many comments like “That was interesting! I was moved!” and we received many compliments after the talk.

At the very end, a video of the Flame of Hope was shown to the audience and many people took photos of the Flame of Hope.

The speeches can be viewed at here

Recorded video of the second day of the ISF.
Introduction of Rev.
Speech by Rev. Ryokyu Endo
‘A Unique Way to Share the Dharma in the 21st Century’