On the evening of the 23rd, there was a dinner party with everyone together

On the evening of the 23rd, there was a dinner party with everyone together, including organizers, speakers, and volunteers.
High Priests from all over the world, Rinpoches, people from Tibetan Houses in South Asia, Tibetan students, and various Buddhist practitioners worldwide.
We realized that although the practice is a personal experience, at the same time, Buddhist practitioners are all working on the same goal of transmitting the ‘Buddha Dharma,’ each with the significant challenges.
Listening to them, there was inevitably a lot of academic and structural ‘seeing things’ work.
The experiential transmission of the power of the Buddha Dharma and the Flame of Hope through Ki practice resonated with many practitioners, who often actively expressed a desire to learn.

‘Sangha Members’, ‘Sangha Brothers’, ‘Sangha Sisters’.
These are words we heard many times during the Forum.
Of course, in some places, a sangha is seen as a ‘monk’ or a ‘group,’ but we think every one of us practices and transmits the Dharma in search of a connection with the Great Spirit of the Universe.
We were happy to recognize that many of the Sangha Brothers and Sisters are now living in the same era worldwide.
Our sincere thanks and praise to all the Tibetan Houses, volunteers, and Sangha members worldwide.
Namu Amida Buddha