In January of this year, a ceremony was held to celebrate the joining of the Gandhi’s Eternal Fire, which are permanently lit in Delhi, the capital of India and the Flame of Hope. 

Since then, we have been working with Mr. Tushar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who was in charge of the ceremony.






Left is a photo of the time

We had a meeting with Tushar, who lives in Mumbai, to discuss the project we will be working on together from next year.

We had a lot of fun and excitement at the lunch and meeting, with lots of ideas like “Let’s light the Flame of Hope at the UN! 

The special thing was that the Warrior of Hope video “Dr. Arun Gandhi’s Legacy”  was the completed on the same day.

Tosha was the first to watch this video, which focuses on an interview with his father, Dr. Arun Gandhi. He was very, very pleased with the video.

Ryokyu san’s friend Jaideep, who was in attendance, was moved to tears by the video.

The top photo shows Tushar and Ryokyu san watching the latest edition of Hope Warrior, a video interview with Dr. Arun Gandhi, Tushar’s father.

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