Mahabodhi Temple, where the Mahabodhi Tree and the Mahabodhi Pagoda are and, where Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment.
We visited the Secretariat office that manages Mahabodhi Temple.
They are the people who protect this World Heritage site.
We visited Dr. Mahashweta Maharathi, the director of the Secretary, and she put her prayer on the Flame of Hope.
Her father was a wonderful painter and a man of culture who himself was a potter near Yokohama, Japan.
He is now focusing on reviving the traditional craft in a new form.

Here is Dr. Mahashweta Maharathi’s message.
“This(the Flame of Hope) is the universal light of hope for all human beings. Eternal fire of peace, non-violence, and fraternity. What great work!!!”

The next morning’s newspaper article

                            at the office

                                                        in front of the Mahabodhi Tree