Eleven artists from Austria, between the ages of 8 to 70-years-old, presented their artwork at the Amida Tao Sangha Center in Vienna.

The artists are part of the Tao Sangha Art Marketplace collective. Every month, different artists will present with their work at the center, and all the artists will donate 10% of their art sales to Earth caravan and Flame of Hope projects.

An array of artistic styles were present, including paintings, photographs, ceramics, and organic products. All the creations represented different ways to express a wish for the world.

The Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope is a prayer for peace, justice, and the rights of all people. It represents the common wish of all human beings for the world we all dream of in our hearts. The Flame of Hope invites people of all faiths and backgrounds to add their wishes and prayers to the Flame. 

The Flame of Hope was unified with the Flame of Commitment from Nagasaki and the Peace Flame of Hiroshima in September 2019. The same possibility is open to other existing flames of peace in places of worship and communities around the world.

More Wishes Added to the Flame in Vienna

Over 200 people attended the event to meet the Flame of Hope and discover the artists’ original works. The Flame of Hope was presented in the Tao Sangha dojo along with a reading of the Poem of the Flame. All the visitors added their wishes to the Flame of Hope.

The Flame of Hope-Tao Sangha Art Marketplace was an exciting event with  much joy and fun for everybody.

New friends were made, people connected with each other, and were deeply touched by realizing their common wish for peace.

New friends flame of hope Vienna

In March 2020, the Tao Sangha Art Marketplace will host an exhibition for the artwork of children and young people from different countries.