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HOW TO RECEIVE the Flame of Hope

Anyone who shares a pure wish for peace can carry the Flame and add prayers to it.
Places of worship, organizations, peace events, schools, and individuals are welcome to use the Flame of Hope in a ceremony to add wishes and prayers to it, or take it on a pilgrimage.

After a ceremony is held or a pilgrimage is finished, the Flame is to be returned to Earth Caravan with all the added wishes and prayers from your event.

When this cycle is completed, the event, place of worship, individual, or organization will be able to tell their story on the Flame of Hope’s “Our Journey” webpage.

It is possible to request and use the Flame of Hope and not return it to the original Flame; however, in this case, your event will not be listed on the webpage and won’t be made public, so it won’t be followed by everybody who visits the Flame of Hope webpage or uses the application.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can the Flame visit my community or event?

Yes! We all share the wish for peace. If you would like to have the Flame visit your community, school, or event, please apply by filling out the form below.

I am a member of the media

We’d be happy to provide you articles, photos or interviews and really appreciate your support. Please contact us below for a complete media package.