The deepest point in our heart, is the heart of the universe.

The Flame of Hope starts somewhere – it´s the deepest point of our world that wishes to expose itself to heal the planet.

From Vienna to Belgrade to Petrovac na Mlavi in Serbia and to Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina

For Europe one of these universal points are the Balkan states, former Yugoslavia where from 1991-2001 a series of wars caused a humanitarian catastrophe right under the eyes of EU, UN and NATO.

The war is over 25 years ago, but underneath the trauma’s are still aching the people and societies.  Earth Caravan – Flame of Hope initiatives in the Balkan states aim to create a free and caring way of living among the many cultures and nations who live together, embracing the beauty of each other’s differences and diversity. For this aim we had missions as:  

  • Support local community and projects that stimulate economic/social improvement
  •  Stimulate exchange, creating a more human network inside and outside Balkan states

Local Dance Group in Petrovac na Mlavi – Serbia

Tee-Ceremony – Painting “My Wish for the World” – Children singing “Share Song” in Vienna – Belgrade Danube Impressions – Sound Flow Project from Austria performance in Belgrade – multilingual Calligraphy – Austria Grafenwörth helping to construct the biggest Peace Stupa in Europe – Concert of Aminadabu in Srebrenica – Bosnia-Herzegovina