The flame is a prayer for peace.
It’s the first physical manifestation of humankind’s common hope for peace.

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One Earth … One Humankind … One Flame.

The Flame of Hope Is an international symbol of peace,
created hand by hand by human beings

Flame of Hope is an international symbol of peace
Created hand in hand by human beings

Is a single flame unifying
Precious fires from all over the world

Is a single flame in which humanity expresses
Its wishes and prayers beyond religion

This flame continues burning and traveling
Until it alights in children’s hearts

Until humanity’s spirit transforms to being
Responsible for each other’s happiness

Worldwide Social Leaders who have endosed the Flame of Hope

As of now (May 2023), more than 165,000 people’s prayers and wishes have been added to the Flame of Hope

His Holiness Dalai Lama
Taue Tomihisa
Anja Schouten
Pope Francis

His Holiness

Dalai Lama

Mayor of Nagasaki

Taue Tomihisa

Mayor of Alkmaar, Netherlands
Anja Schouten

His Holiness

Pope Francis

Bhimrao Ambedkar, Buddhist Society
Ahmed Zeid
Sugata Bose India and USA
Khaled Omran Alameri

Buddhist Society
Bhimrao Ambedkar

Imam of Nagoya Mosque
Ahmed Zeid

India and USA
Sugata Bose

Former Ambassador of UAE
Khaled Omran Alameri

Arun Gandhi  Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, USA
Arik Ascherman
Sikyong Tsering President Exile Government Tibet

Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Arun Gandhi

former lieutenant governor of Maryland, USA
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Jewish rabbi
Arik Ascherman

President Exile Government Tibet
Sikyong Tsering

The Flame of Hope is the Unification of 15 Flames of the world.

Flame of Hope is managed and operated by the non-profit organization Earth Caravan, member of the
World Conference of Religions for Peace and the International Peace Bureau –

Flame of Hope International Committee

Ryokyu Endo

Ven. Ryokyu Endo

Alice Schmitzhofer

Dr. Alice Schmitzhofer

Magali Brosh

Magali Brosh
Second Generation Holocaust survivor

Clifton Truman Daniel

Clifton Truman Daniel
Grandson of former USA president

Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
Great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Flame of Hope International Network

Japan Kyoto:
367-2, Motomachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

North America:
Canada: 2325 rue Centre, Suite 203, Montréal,
QC H3K 1J6
Tel: 514-295-1470
USA: 2330 Willard Ave. Madison, WI 53704
Tel: 608-257-4663

The Netherlands: Alkmaar / Noord-Scharwoude
Tel: +31-6-44804369
Austria: Neudörfl Tel: +43 699 11048522
France: Nice Tel: +33 608345361
Spain: Tel: +34 693-502472

Middle East:
Israel: Moshav
Luzit shaked 5, 99845,
Tel: +972-54-5804

Examples of events and groups that have received the Flame of Hope

What is the Flame of Hope?

It is a combination of the most historic, legendary, and sacred fires worldwide.
The Flame is the one fire that humanity continues to pray for.